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Manufacturers of hydrogen purifiers, membrane reactors, hydrogen generators, and other hydrogen-related products. We also provide consulting, water-gas shift catalysts, reforming catalysts, furnaces, hydrogen getters, and hydrogen barrier coats. Founded in 1987 by Dr. Robert E. Buxbaum (REB). Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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Mr. Hydrogen. It's our fouding product, used to upgrade cylinder hydrogen to 99.999995% for use with gas chromatographs, furnace brazing, integrated circuit manufacture, and diamond making.

Recent News:

April 2021: New product: an innovative polymeric membrane that retains H2 and extracts the main impurities: CO2, water, and oxygen. It has the opposite selectivity of our palladium-basxed membranes!

October 2020: Many of ouer customers use our products in diamond making. read about diamond making and blue diamonds.

April 2020: New product: Iodine-based hand wash and surface wash. Kills germs, doesn't stain, and lasts longer than alcohol.

November 2019: REB awarded new patent for a better way to reform metahne or liquids in a solid oxide fuel cell, read about it.

March 2019:New product, a system to measure gas permeation rates in flat metal or plastic samples; read about it.

August 2018: Our first getter-based purifiers. $1700-$2000 low cost for low flow, 20-300 scc/min. Versions suited to H2, N2, or inert gas.

July 2018: New, 120 slpm, Pd-membrane-based Hydrogen Purifier.

July 2018: please fill out our survey on hydrogen use,

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