Methanol Reformer/Hydrogen Generators

Ultrapure hydrogen without electrolysis, 1.5-100 slpm. The Me100 makes pure H2 from methanol - water reforming in a membrane reactor. Cheaper, purer, and safer than cylinder hydrogen or electrolysis. For chromatography, fuel cells, braze furnaces, or electronic manufacture. You'll never have to switch cylinders or replace desiccant again.

Hydrogen Purifiers and Purifier Cells

Hydrogen purifiers and hydrogen purification cells used to purify commercial cylinder hydrogen to 99.999995%. Operation at 100 to 500 C, and 0 to 220 psig (15 barg). Specialty purifiers are available for higher pressures, dirtier hydrogen feeds, or specialty applications.

Membrane Reactors

Exceeds the reaction limits of closed-system reactor thermodynamics at any given reactor temperature and pressure. Generates and extracts ultrapure hydrogen from methanol, ammonia, or hydrocarbons.

Furnaces and Thermocouples

Vertical tube furnaces, thermocouples, and thermocouple Ts: designed for easy exchange of catalyst when used with our 20 inch membrane reactors.

Membranes and Membrane Test Equipment

Hydrogen - permeable membranes for hydrogen extraction, hydrogen purification, and membrane reactors: Pd-coated refractory metal or palladium-silver. Hydrogen membrane test equipment, and the famous REB Research coffee cup.

Catalysts, Sorbers, Inks, Methanol Water Mix

Reforming and water gas shift catalysts in mixed 20 to 100 mesh sizes for membrane reactor use. Also, hydrogen sorbers for use in electronics and in metal hydride batteries, nano-particle colloids of Pd, Au, Cu, and Ni.

Specialty Products

High Pressure Metallic Membranes, Low Temperature Metallic Membranes, Methanol Water Reformer, and High Pressure Membrane Test Apparatus.

Consulting Services

Make use of REB Research's 30+ years' experience in hydrogen transport, absorption, separations, generation, membrane reactors, and isotope effects. Consulting prices, plus a selection of papers and technical links.