Methanol Reformer/Hydrogen Generators

Ultrapure hydrogen without electrolysis, 1.5-100 slpm. Make UHP hydrogen by methanol - water reforming. For chromatography, fuel cells, braze furnaces, or electronic manufacture. Cheaper, purer, and safer than cylinder hydrogen or electrolysis.

Hydrogen Purifiers and Purifier Cells

Hydrogen purifiers and hydrogen purification cells purify commercial hydrogen to 99.999995%. Specialty purifiers are available for deuterium, reformate gas, or specialty applications.

Membrane Reactors

Exceed the reaction limits of closed-system reactor thermodynamics for the water-gas and similar hydrogen-gneratin greactions. Great for making ultrapure hydrogen from methanol, ammonia, or hydrocarbon reforming.

Furnaces, Thermocouples, and controllers

Vertical tube furnaces, 3-point thermocouples, and temperature controllers. All designed for easy use with our hydrogen purifier cells and membrane reactors.

Membranes and Membrane Test Equipment

Hydrogen - permeable membranes for hydrogen extraction, hydrogen purification, and membrane reactors: Pd-coated refractory metal or palladium-silver. Hydrogen membrane test equipment, and the famous REB Research coffee cup.

Catalysts and Hydrogen Sorbers

Find a variety of catalysts for reforming and water gas shift reactions at various temperatures. Also, hydrogen sorbers for hydrogen removal from electronics and ladoratory situations.

Specialty Products

Coating solutions, Chellation solution, inks, Flow restrictors, and our famous periotic table coffee mug.

Consulting Services

Buy a slice of Robert Buxbaum's time and life. Benefit from 30+ years' experience in hydrogen transport, absorption, separations, generation, membrane reactors, and isotope effects.